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Wind Power Solutions


Years of experience in the fields of lightning protection, low voltage power distribution and reinforced concrete construction, combined with global manufacturing capabilities, allow nVent to provide comprehensive solutions for the wind energy industry. Three of our brands have joined together to offer a full range of wind energy solutions: nVent ERICO electrical grounding, bonding and connectivity products, nVent ERIFLEX low voltage power and grounding connections and nVent LENTON engineered products for reinforcing steel connections.
nVent offers grounding and foundation construction products, bonding products, low-voltage components, power connections, surge protection products and lightning protection products that meet or exceed the engineered requirements of the largest wind turbine manufacturers.
nVent ERICO lightning protection assemblies are installed in thousands of wind turbine blades worldwide. nVent is your premier source for design support, continuous research and development, and the manufacture and assembly of complete lightning protection kits.

Learn more about nVent ERICO's revolutionary new Gen II Wind Blade Lightning System.

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